DeliciousBackup, running a local, browsable backup of your Delicous bookmarks.

Now that there are rumors of Yahoo shutting down Delicious I found it necessary to keep my bookmarks safe and have a local, browsable copy of them.

UPDATE 2010.12.21: DelicousBackup has been replaced by Yummy!. Check it out at The link below won’t work anymore.

Ergo I wrote a little PHP app does exactly that: After having created a backup of your bookmarks import.php will import your bookmarks into a local database. Once imported index.php can take over and display them for you.

DeliciousBackup in action.

Note that DeliciousBackup is totally unstyled (for now) and only allows you to display your bookmarks (all, or per tag). Now, there’s only left the task in writing an API endpoint so one add new links to it, right?

The source of DeliciousBackup can be found on GitHub. Feel free to fork off if you like.

Download DeliciousBackup from GitHub

Oh: Running your own Delicious will be the new running your own url shortener. Mark my words 😉

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