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Looks like Delicious has been overhauled, again. Looks better at first sight, yet one issue I can’t wrap my head around is that, when adding a link, tags — the essence of Delicious — have been banished to the sidebar, … Continue reading

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Yummy v2.2

A quick mention that I’ve provided Yummy with an update to work with exports made via the new (and broken) Delicious. The update still supports old exports made. Next to breaking stuff like the API, or leaving users with only … Continue reading

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The New Delicious

Today the new Delicious has landed. Along a visual refresh, they’ve also introduced a concept named stacks The stacks allow one to tell a story, a trend I see popping up in many of the services we know and use: … Continue reading

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Introducing Yummy! — A self hosted Delicious

After having quickly written DeliciousBackup I couldn’t resist myself into adding a wee bit more functionality to it. The result is a project called Yummy!. It’s goal: to become a self hosted Delicious.

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DeliciousBackup, running a local, browsable backup of your Delicous bookmarks.

Now that there are rumors of Yahoo shutting down Delicious I found it necessary to keep my bookmarks safe and have a local, browsable copy of them.

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Introducing BramVanDamme.be

Bram.us always went along with the tagline “Days in the Life of a Geezer named Bramus!” As of last week this is no more as this site doesn’t fully track my online trail as – next to this blog – … Continue reading

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GM_BRAMUS.in.spire.us, v2 – Preview thumbnails for Delicious!

For all you GreaseMonkey lovers out there: GM_BRAMUS.in.spire.us got updated to work with the *new* Delicious! Head over to http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/8020 to install this new version 😉

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Oh happy day — the new Delicious is here

The new delicious is here, finally!

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