Looks like Delicious has been overhauled, again.

Looks better at first sight, yet one issue I can’t wrap my head around is that, when adding a link, tags — the essence of Delicious — have been banished to the sidebar, where they used to be the second field in the form before. Also, autocompletion on tags has been zapped, again.

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Yummy v2.2

A quick mention that I’ve provided Yummy with an update to work with exports made via the new (and broken) Delicious. The update still supports old exports made.

Next to breaking stuff like the API, or leaving users with only a few of their links, no longer supporting tag autocompletion, etc. the exported list of bookmarks also broke with the new Delicious:

  • The double quotes around the tags attribute have gone fishing
  • When no tags are present, the tags attribute has been omitted from the link
  • Newlines in multiline comments no longer have HTML breaks

The first two actually broke the importer tool. This has now been fixed.

As before, Yummy’s source code can be found over at GitHub. Installation instructions are provided in the attached file.

Download Yummy! from GitHub

Currently — due to a lack of time — there are no precise plans to further expanding Yummy. Perhaps some small updates might land over time, but that’s not guaranteed.

The New Delicious

Today the new Delicious has landed. Along a visual refresh, they’ve also introduced a concept named stacks

The stacks allow one to tell a story, a trend I see popping up in many of the services we know and use: Gowalla has shifted towards stories, Facebook soon will tell “The story of your life”, services such as Storify allow you to tell a story via tweets/social media, Digg has introduced the concept of Newsrooms, etc.

A New Flavor … Still Delicious →

Update 2011.09.28: Turns out the new Delicious is buggy or not working at all for some. The API for example has been zapped, exporting/backing up your links is not possible anymore (the page just keeps loading and loading), etc.

DeliciousBackup, running a local, browsable backup of your Delicous bookmarks.

Now that there are rumors of Yahoo shutting down Delicious I found it necessary to keep my bookmarks safe and have a local, browsable copy of them.

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Bram Van always went along with the tagline “Days in the Life of a Geezer named Bramus!” As of last week this is no more as this site doesn’t fully track my online trail as – next to this blog – I’m blogging on Nieuw in Gent, tweeting all day long, uploading pics to flickr, bookmarking on, listening to music, etc.

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del.icio.usReceived an e-mail in my inbox from the admin Frank after he read my previous post where I explain on how to use his servive to visualizing your bookmarks. All the cons/thoughts I mentioned he answered/knocked off the table making the service he offers even better!

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BRAMUS.IN.SPIRE.US – Bookmarklet to visualizing your’d sites

del.icio.usI myself am a huge fan … the handiness of tagging sites I’ve seen over at work and checking back that list at home just does it for me. Above that it’s darn handy to finding back a site by just typing in some keywords (that flash site with the green background most likely will be tagged “flash background”).

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