Backup local MySQL Databases

Nice script by Xavez. Put it in a daily cronjob if you like, or extend it to copy the backup to another machine:


# Path to where you want to backup mysql databases.

# Local mysql details. Make a username with only read access. Allow SELECT, LOCK TABLES.

# Get current date and temporary directory.
date=$(date "+%Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S")

	if [ -d $cpath ]
		filler="just some action to prevent syntax error"
		echo Creating $cpath
		mkdir -p $cpath
	# Make backups. Adjust paths to binaries if necessary.
	/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -s -r -u${username} -p${password} -e 'show databases' | while read db; do /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqldump -u${username} -p${password} $db -r ${cpath}/${db}.sql; [[ $? -eq 0 ]] && /usr/bin/gzip ${cpath}/${db}.sql; done
	# Symlink to latest backup.
	mv $opath/incomplete_back-$date $opath/back-$date \
	&& rm -f $opath/current \
	&& ln -s back-$date $opath/current

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