Millennials need to ditch their parents’ outdated career ladders and embrace job-hopping

(c) REUTERS/Paul Hackett Let’s start treating our careers as a lifelong experiment instead of a preordained slog. Find experiences that allow you to quickly test assumptions about your career interests. Every job, every experience, every place you travel, is a chance to learn something new about yourself, what interests you (and just as importantly what […]

JavaScript Fatigue Fatigue

Axel Rauschmayer’s tips to fighting JavaScript Fatigue: Don’t try to know everything Wait for the critical mass. Stick to things you understand: don’t use more than 1–2 new technologies per project. Do exploratory toy projects Diversify in life When in doubt, you can always fall back to the solid base you already know: HTML, CSS, […]

You Can’t Get Comfortable in Web Development

Rey Bango, after having read the aforementioned “How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016”: A lot of the discomfort we’re feeling is the belief that we need to know how to use every new framework or tool that comes out. It’s really not the case. There will always be someone building a new tool […]

How it feels to learn Javascript in 2016

In the same style as the aforementioned “It’s the future!” — A fictional conversation on web development: … JSX? What is JSX? -JSX is just a JavaScript syntax extension that looks pretty much like XML. It’s kind of another way to describe the DOM, think of it as a better HTML. What’s wrong with HTML? […]

“It’s the future!” — A fictional conversation on web development

A fictional conversation on web development: I’m building a simple web app at the moment — a normal TODO app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and I’m planning to use jQuery. Is that the way to go? : Oh, no. That’s old school. jQuery is dead — no one uses it anymore. You need to use React now. That’s […]

The most dangerous person in Silicon Valley

No, not The Drive-By Manager but (those who claim to be) The Senior Software Engineer: There are lots of people with the title but not the skills. They are hard to spot because they’re definitely not junior but they’re not really senior either. They’re mid-level engineers who have been convinced they’re senior by the ecosystem. […]

From Idea to App (or “How we roll at Small Town Heroes”)

Earlier this week I was invited to give a guestlecture to the students ICT at Odisee (my former employer, that’s correct), explaining the app development process, how we do certain things at Small Town Heroes, and how we implement QA throughout our process. You can check out the slides embedded below. You might recognize a […]