Nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing.

Max Stoiber, on determining if you’re qualified or not for a specific (frontend) job listing:

If you’ve built a side project with React.js and know your way around JavaScript in general, you’re at least as qualified as 90% of all other devs out there.

I’ll tell you a secret: Nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing.

That’s just the nature of front-end development, it moves so fast that one day you’re on top of everything, the next day you’re years of learning behind. Don’t worry about it, pretend you know your shit and get on with it.

I’d tweak the end though … don’t “pretend to know your shit” – then you’re just scamming – but “be aware of the shit you don’t know, knowing that you’ll learn about it when needed”.

Also, when hiring, a company will (should!) most likely hire for attitude, not skills at that certain moment in time.

Nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing →

It’s nothing new, this. See You Can’t Get Comfortable in Web Development for example, which itself also contains a few more links related articles.

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