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After several Twitter threads on highlighting use cases, projects, and companies in production using WebAssembly, myself and a few other Wasm communitty members thought it’d be a great idea to have a dedicated place to find projects using WebAssembly, and highlight what WebAssembly can be used for!

Some interesting stuff to find in there, like Diablo 1 or Soundation Studio

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WebAssembly: To the Browser and Beyond!

Presentation by Patrick Hamann as given at

WebAssembly (or Wasm) is a compilation target for the open web; often considered a hard-to-approach performance optimisation for your browser applications – but it promises to be so much more than that!

In this talk we’ll debunk some myths about WebAssembly and explore what it is and what it isn’t, its challenges, look at how we can use it practically in applications today, and what the future holds, both in the browser and beyond!

UPDATE: Oh, looks like the video’s already up: