Transform HTML Content to Apple News / Google AMP / Facebook Instant Articles with Distro


Automatically transform article HTML for third-party platforms such as Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News, Google AMP

“Just” make a curl request …

curl --data "
<h1>Distro.Mic example</h1>
<p>Text and media embed</p>
<iframe src=\"\"></iframe>

… and the content is “translated” to the specified format:

	"article": [{
		"text": "Distro.Mic example",
		"additions": [],
		"inlineTextStyles": [],
		"role": "heading1",
		"layout": "bodyLayout"
	}, {
		"text": "Text and media embed\n",
		"additions": [],
		"inlineTextStyles": [],
		"role": "body",
		"layout": "bodyLayout"
	}, {
		"role": "container",
		"components": [{
			"role": "embedwebvideo",
			"URL": "",
			"style": "embedMediaStyle",
			"layout": "embedMediaLayout"
		"layout": "embedLayout",
		"style": "embedStyle"
	"bundlesToUrls": {}

You can also install it as a dependency:

npm install distro-mic
import { format } from 'distro-mic';

const html = '<p>Article HTML</p>';
const output = format(html);

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