Craft Prototyping

If you’re using Sketch to design and InVision for prototyping (something we do at Small Town Heroes), then this plugin is solid gold, as it combines both:

With Craft Prototype, you’ll experience an unparalleled level of continuity between Sketch and InVision. By bringing your design and prototyping process together, work faster, collaborate more seamlessly, and stay focused to create more amazing products with your team.

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Designing Twitter Video


We wanted to be extremely careful about weighing down the experience with extra pro-user functionality. Even though we support longer videos, we don’t necessarily want to make people feel like they need to fill it up. As such, we landed on a simple interface for capturing multiple video segments without the pressure of filling up a progress bar.

Designing Twitter Video – A look into the design and prototyping process →

WebZap – Web Dev Photoshop Plugin

WebZap is a web developer panel extension for Adobe Photoshop that is designed to help streamline the design processes undertaken by website user interface designers during the mock up and wire framing phases of web site development.

Whilst I like this from a technical point of view (straight in Photoshop, huh?!) I think you’re better off with prototyping frameworks such as Ratchet and Clank

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