Tweet Nest and, sitting in a tree …

Last month I’ve set up Tweet Nest, a browsable, searchable and easily customizable archive and backup for your tweets, at in order to have a local archive of all (*) my tweets. More recently I’ve started using, an instant photos sharing app for the iPhone (with Twitter, Facebook & Flickr integration). Now, what […]

Installing the original Aptana 1.5 PHP Plugin in Aptana 2.0

With the release of Aptana 2.0 the Aptana developers decided to drop their excellent plugin in favor of PDT. The reason behind this move can only be reduced down to huge amounts of alcohol and/or illegal drugs because – one must admit – the PDT plugin is a pure joke. Luckely there is a way […]

My DOTD: MS SQL vs. PHP: 4096 is the (default) limit

Small tip: when getting data from a MS SQL Database through PHP you’ll notice that your data gets chopped. First thought that the datatypes of the fields weren’t sufficient enough to hold the data, but the text datatype can hold up to 2ˆ31 – 1 characters and the data was stored correctly in the database […]