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Private Packagist

Mid-December Nils Adermann – Co-Founder of Packagist Conductors & Creator of Composer for PHP – announced Private Packagist. Being a hosted service, setting up your own Composer package repository on Private Packagist is done with a few clicks. No matter … Continue reading

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Check for updates on PHP dependencies with `composer outdated`

Just yesterday it came to my attention that you can run composer outdatedto check if newer versions of dependencies you are using exist: Composer → Related: npm-check-updates does the same for Node

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PHP Roave Security Advisories

$ composer require roave/security-advisories:dev-master $ # following commands will fail: $ composer require symfony/symfony:2.5.2 $ composer require zendframework/zendframework:2.3.1 This package ensures that your PHP application doesn’t have installed dependencies with known security vulnerabilities. This package does not provide any API … Continue reading

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Heroku <3 PHP

Good news from Heroku: PHP is (finally) properly supported. Just add a composer.json file to your repo and Heroku will know your app runs PHP. Yes, you see that right: Composer is supported. Whenever you push your code to Heroku, … Continue reading

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Composer Cheat Sheet

Composer is the dependency manager for PHP. This site is a one-page-only doc for this tool. It has a very nice and well-supplied documentation on the official website, this page just brings you the essential. A video walking throug the … Continue reading

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Batch install dependencies in all subfolder-organised projects

As a lecturer ICT I have to correct the work our students make. Therefor I collect all solutions and put them in a subfolder-organised structure on disk: per student I create a subfolder and put their solution into that folder(*). … Continue reading

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bramus/router Updates

It’s been 4 months since I released bramus/router, the lightweight and object oriented PHP Router I wrote. Since then a few new features worth mentioning were added. Subrouting Support It’s now possible to mount several routes onto a base route. … Continue reading

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bramus/router — A lightweight and simple object oriented PHP Router

For one of the courses I teach I was in need of a PHP Router. Having explored the available routers out there I found they either were: Outdated Not object oriented(sorry Klein (which has been updated by now, but wasn’t … Continue reading

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Silex $app['autoloader']->registerNamespace() deprecated

The past few days I’ve been playing around with Silex, a micro PHP Framework. At a certain point I got stuck in the process when using a custom controller: the darn class just wouldn’t load and the (otherwise excellent) documentation … Continue reading

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