ocppjs – An experimental OCPP Simulator

Simulator for the Open Charge Point Protocol — the protocol by which a Charge Point of an electric vehicle communicates with a Central System — supporting both OCPP-S (standard OCPP, using SOAP over HTTP) and the new OCPP-J (“new” OCPP, using a Wamp inspired protocol over WebSockets). Version 1.2 and 1.5 of OCPP are supported. […]

Sails.js — Realtime MVC Framework for Node.js

Sails.js makes it easy to build custom, enterprise-grade Node.js apps. It is designed to resemble the MVC architecture from frameworks like Ruby on Rails, but with support for the more modern, data-oriented style of web app development. It’s especially good for building realtime features like chat. Built on top of express. Installation via npm sudo […]

node-orm2 — Node.js Object Relational Mapping

ORM Package for Node.js. Works with MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. var orm = require(‘orm’); orm.connect("mysql://username:[email protected]/database", function (err, db) { if (err) throw err; var Person = db.define(‘person’, { name : String, surname : String, age : Number, male : Boolean, continent : [ ‘Europe’, ‘America’, ‘Asia’, ‘Africa’, ‘Australia’, ‘Antartica’ ], // ENUM type photo : […]


<h1>{{ pagename|title }}</h1> <ul> {% for author in authors %} <li{% if loop.first%} class="first"{% endif %}> {{ author }} </li> {% else %} <li>There are no authors.</li> {% endfor %} </ul> var template = require(‘swig’); var tmpl = template.compileFile(‘/path/to/template.html’); tmpl.render({ pagename: ‘awesome people’, authors: [‘Paul’, ‘Jim’, ‘Jane’] }); A Node.js and Browser-based JavaScript Template Engine […]

React: Event-driven, non-blocking I/O with PHP

Inspired upon Node.js: <?php require ‘vendor/autoload.php’; $stack = new React\Espresso\Stack(function ($request, $response) { $response->writeHead(200, array(‘Content-Type’ => ‘text/plain’)); $response->end(‘Hello World\n’); }); echo ‘Server running at’ . PHP_EOL; $stack->listen(1337); React →