ocppjs – An experimental OCPP Simulator


Simulator for the Open Charge Point Protocol — the protocol by which a Charge Point of an electric vehicle communicates with a Central System — supporting both OCPP-S (standard OCPP, using SOAP over HTTP) and the new OCPP-J (“new” OCPP, using a Wamp inspired protocol over WebSockets). Version 1.2 and 1.5 of OCPP are supported.

Once you have your Central System Service running, use it as follows:

$ node gir-ocppjs.js start_cp ws:// BRAMUS-123
> [2013-10-31 23:02:55] Connected to Central System.
> bootnotification chargePointVendor="DBT" chargePointModel="NQC-ACDC"
> [2013-10-31 23:03:06] cp#BRAMUS-123: >>cs [2,"iYeg02bC9K4YNb8kjbo5fqyiJ7VTqN6a","BootNotification",{"chargePointVendor":"DBT","chargePointModel":"NQC-ACDC","chargePointSerialNumber":"gir.vat.mx.000e48","chargeBoxSerialNumber":"gir.vat.mx.000e48","firmwareVersion":"1.0.49","iccid":"","imsi":"","meterType":"DBT NQC-ACDC","meterSerialNumber":"gir.vat.mx.000e48"}]
> [2013-10-31 23:03:06] cp#BRAMUS-123: <<cs [3,"iYeg02bC9K4YNb8kjbo5fqyiJ7VTqN6a",{"status":"Accepted","currentTime":"2013-10-31T22:03:10.000000Z","heartbeatInterval":1200}]
> heartbeat
> [2013-10-31 23:03:13] cp#BRAMUS-123: >>cs [2,"Lo7JIBdE4CncZ8TfC9Xx6rDrWGPY4XH4","Heartbeat",{}]
> [2013-10-31 23:03:13] cp#BRAMUS-123: <<cs [3,"Lo7JIBdE4CncZ8TfC9Xx6rDrWGPY4XH4",{"currentTime":"2013-10-31T22:03:17.000000Z"}]
> quit
> [2013-10-31 23:03:18] End of simulation : interrupted by user.

The project also allows one to simulate a Central System.

ocppjs – An experimental OCPP Simulator →

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