EV-Point MyEV – Start/stop charging your electric vehicle from your smartphone

Early September “EV-Point MyEV” got released in the App Store (UPDATE mid-October: And in the Play Store). Using the 3RDS moniker – the name of my company by which I freelance – I developed this application for EV-Point, a Belgian Mobile Service Provider that builds and operates a network of public chargepoints to charge your […]

Elon Musk’s sleight of hand

Pretty darn good insight in Tesla’s recent Model X announcement: [W]hen I pull these five things together I don’t see features that are being built or added because they are “fun” […] No. None of these features have anything to do with building conveniences for humans too lazy to open doors with their hands […] All […]

ocppjs – An experimental OCPP Simulator

Simulator for the Open Charge Point Protocol — the protocol by which a Charge Point of an electric vehicle communicates with a Central System — supporting both OCPP-S (standard OCPP, using SOAP over HTTP) and the new OCPP-J (“new” OCPP, using a Wamp inspired protocol over WebSockets). Version 1.2 and 1.5 of OCPP are supported. […]

pytesla — Python bindings to the Tesla Model S REST API

pytesla is a python binding to the Tesla Model S REST API so that you can monitor your car or programmatically interact with it. It makes it easy to schedule charging times, trigger heating/cooling according to weather or just gather stats. A car with an API, how cool is that? Can’t wait for the day […]