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Parcel: A blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler

Earlier this week Parcel got dropped and it received quite some attention, because it tackles two important things when compared to other bundlers such as Webpack: The first reason I was motivated to build a new bundler was performance. I’ve … Continue reading

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JavaScript’s setTimeout “other” arguments

When using setTimeout, it’s not needed to wrap a function with arguments into an anonymous function and call it from there. What you can do instead is pass the function in via its name (as you would do with a … Continue reading

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Implement FLIP transitions easily with flipping

Back in 2015 Paul Lewis published a brilliant article named FLIP your animations, a technique to getting smooth animations on the web. FLIP stands for First, Last, Invert, Play First: before anything happens, record the current (i.e., first) position and … Continue reading

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Learn React Fundamentals and Advanced Patterns

Kent C. Dodds – whom you should follow on Twitter – has released two massive video courses on Egghead. Course one touches React Fundamentals: This course is for React newbies and those looking to get a better understanding of React … Continue reading

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Network based image loading using the Network Information API in Service Worker

Clever use of a service worker in combination with navigator.connection.effetiveType by Michael Scharnagl. The SW watches all requests for image resources, and rewrites them to high resolution versions in case navigator.connection.effetiveType is fast enough. Network based image loading using the … Continue reading

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React Pattern: Centralized PropTypes

Cory House: In real apps with large objects, using PropTypes quickly leads to a lot of code. That’s a problem, because in React, you’ll often pass the same object to multiple components. Repeating these details in multiple component files breaks … Continue reading

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Frappé Charts

GitHub-inspired simple and modern charts for the web with zero dependencies. The typical Github monthly activity map is also possible: import Chart from ‘frappe-charts/dist/frappe-charts.min.esm’; const heatmap = new Chart({ parent: “#heatmap”, type: ‘heatmap’, height: 115, data: heatmap_data, // object with … Continue reading

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End-to-end Tests that Don’t Suck with Puppeteer

Good introduction to using Puppeteer for your e2e tests: One of the most popular tools for e2e testing is Selenium, which is a tool for automating web browsers. Selenium sounds cool in theory: write one set of tests that run … Continue reading

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Dynamically import ES modules with “dynamic import()

One of the recent ECMAScript proposals that landed in Chrome 63 is dynamic import(): Dynamic import() introduces a new function-like form of import, which allows one to import on demand. It returns a promise for the module namespace object of … Continue reading

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The Cost Of JavaScript

Great insightful post by Addy Osmani on how the inclusion of a tad of JavaScript affects a website. When compared an equally sized JPG, a tad of JS has a higher impact on it due to the fact that JS … Continue reading

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