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JavaScript “Null Propagation Operator“

Earlier today I was delighted to see that the “Null Propagation Operator” in JavaScript has entered stage-1. This little gem – which I know from Coffeescript – is a real timesaver, and is something I’ve been looking forward to. Stage-1? … Continue reading

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Free Book: Exploring ES2016 and ES2017

From the same author as Exploring ES6. Again available for free online, or available for purchase as an ebook. Exploring ES2016 and ES2017 →

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Free Book: Exploring ES6

An in-depth book on ECMAScript 6, for JavaScript programmers. Extensive book written by Axel Rauschmayer (whom you might know from 2ality.com), available for free online. It’s also possible to purchase as an ebook-version (.epub et al) of the book. Exploring … Continue reading

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Using Object.assign() to quickly set multiple inline styles

Since an HTMLElement its CSSStyleDeclaration (viz. its style property) essentially is an Object, it’s perfectly possible to pass it as the target object into Object.assign() along with a few other objects. The result is that all keys from those extra … Continue reading

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react-day-picker is a flexible date picker component for React. no external dependencies select days, ranges, whatever using CSS modifiers ready for localization, even with moment.js customizable style navigable via keyboard, ARIA support As with every other well-written React component you … Continue reading

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Does Google execute JavaScript?

Stephan Boyer created a website with some JS injected content and waited for Google to crawl it. It got indexed, but without JS execution. Only after having submitted the site manually via the Google Search Console it got indexed with … Continue reading

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Marky, a high-resolution JavaScript timer

Marky, by Nolan Lawson: JavaScript timer based on performance.mark() and performance.measure(), providing high-resolution timings as well as nice Dev Tools visualizations. For browsers that don’t support performance.mark(), it falls back to performance.now() or Date.now(). In Node, it uses process.hrtime(). The … Continue reading

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<script src="https://cdn.polyfill.io/v2/polyfill.min.js"></script> Interesting service by Polyfill.io. Just include their polyfill.js file and it’ll include a set of polyfills specifically for the browser used: Polyfill.io reads the User-Agent header of each request and returns polyfills that are suitable for the requesting … Continue reading

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JavaScript30 – Build 30 things with vanilla JS in 30 days with 30 tutorials

Great, and free, video course by Wes Bos (whom you really should follow on Twitter). So, you’ve done a few courses and read a few books but still don’t feel great about your relationship with JavaScript. How do you get … Continue reading

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Δnow: realtime global deployments

Δnow allows you to take your JavaScript (Node.js) or Docker powered websites, applications and services to the cloud with ease, speed and reliability. Every time you deploy a project, Δnow gives you a unique URL to it (even before build … Continue reading

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