randomColor – A color generator for JavaScript


There are lots of clever one-liners for generating random colors:


Unfortunately, this code naturally produces lots of greys and browns and murky greens.

randomColor generates attractive colors by default. More specifically, randomColor produces bright colors with a reasonably high saturation. This makes randomColor particularly useful for data visualizations and generative art.

The result pictured above is generated using this code:

randomColor({hue: 'red', count: 18});

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Paper’s Color Mixer

Paper by 53 (recommended app) now sports an innovative color mixer / color picker. Turns out it was quite a mathematical struggle to implement it too.

We learned in elementary school that yellow and blue when mixed turn green. However when you plug in the values to this equation, you get a different result: Gray! Mathematically speaking, yellow (1,1,0) and blue (0,0,1), blend to the triplet (0.5, 0.5, 0.5) which is gray. This is because RGB only describes a point in a color spectrum, not how colors would behave when they blend.

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The two colors of Hollywood

Ever since I read this article (it’s been a year now), I can’t stop but noticing this trend in many, many Hollywood films. It looks like Hollywood only knows two colors.

Don’t click through if you don’t want all your blockbusters spoiled from now on, because once you know it you’ll undoubtably notice it way too often.

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