ANSI Control Functions and ANSI Control Sequences (Colors, Erasing, etc.) for PHP CLI Apps

As a side project for Monolog Colored Line Formatter (which int itself also is a side project for Mixed Content Scan) I just published is ANSI PHP. bramus/ansi-php is a set of classes to working with ANSI Control Functions and ANSI Control Sequences (ANSI Escape Sequences) on text based terminals. ANSI Control Functions control an […]

Batch install dependencies in all subfolder-organised projects

As a lecturer ICT I have to correct the work our students make. Therefor I collect all solutions and put them in a subfolder-organised structure on disk: per student I create a subfolder and put their solution into that folder(*). $ tree -L 1 . ├── student1 ├── student2 ├── … └── studentN As – […]

wp-cli — A command line interface for WordPress

wp-cli is a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations. You can update plugins, set up multisite installs, create posts and much more. Once installed, you can run commands such as: wp plugin install hello-dolly which will output: Installing Hello Dolly (1.5) Downloading install package from … Unpacking the package … Installing the […]

Autocomplete git branch name

Turns out it’s possible to enable autocompletion of git branch names when working on the command line. The script can be automatically installed on OS X using these commands: $ curl -G > ~/ $ echo ‘source ~/’ >> ~/.bash_profile Don’t forget to re-open any already open Terminal windows. (via @decthomas) UPDATE: I’ve been […]