Speaking & Training

Speaking at Frontend United 2018, Utrecht (video)

Sharing my passion for technology is something that brings me joy. With my background as a lecturer ICT at a Technical University I’m familiar with talking to audiences both big and small, and am well trained in prepping course materials and exercises.


The past few years I have spoken at various local user group meetups and conferences. Topics involved range from good ol’ Git to upcoming features for JavaScript, or even my love for a good map.

Speaking at Full Stack Ghent User Group Meetup, March 2019 (slides)

Training / Workshops

I’ve also produced and guided training sessions (workshops) at several companies and conferences, with topics mainly about ES2015+ and React.

👉 I’m available for public speaking opportunities at your conference or meetup, as to provide training sessions. Feel free to contact me in case of interest.

Selfie during the workshop “React from Scratch” at Full Stack Europe 2019