Why the Soviets doctored this iconic photo

With the recent 75 year remembrance of the Normandy Landings (D-Day), I was reminded of this video by Vox, from the Vox Darkroom series: “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima” and “Raising a Flag over the Reichstag” are similarly iconic photos from World War II. They’re both beloved images of victory, and they’re both taken […]

The Code: A Declassified And Unbelievable Hostage Rescue Story

How do you reach soldiers held under 24-hour armed guard in deeply rural territory? Juan Carlos Ortiz’s mind raced between ideas: Sky-writing? Aid parcels containing secret messages? […] They had to create a message that could be understood by the hostages, but remain invisible to their captors. They needed to give the hostages hope, and […]

Poppy Field – Visualising War Fatalities

What I like about this visualisation is that it represents 3 dimensions into 2: conflict startdate (X-axis), conflict duration (Y-axis), and number of fatalities (size of the flower). Another interesting thing is that the duration of the conflict is actually visualised in two ways: next to the Y-axis the length of the stem represents that […]