The Code: A Declassified And Unbelievable Hostage Rescue Story


How do you reach soldiers held under 24-hour armed guard in deeply rural territory? Juan Carlos Ortiz’s mind raced between ideas: Sky-writing? Aid parcels containing secret messages? […] They had to create a message that could be understood by the hostages, but remain invisible to their captors. They needed to give the hostages hope, and encourage any soldiers harboring plans of escape that now was the time. Ortiz agreed to participate, and boarded the next plane to Bogotá.

Fascinating read. Be sure to also read the part about Jeremiah Andrew Denton Jr – a United States Navy rear admiral who spent almost eight years as a POW in Vietnam – and how he sent a message to the U.S. Intelligence.

The Code: A Declassified And Unbelievable Hostage Rescue Story →

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