Visits – Location history visualization

With visits you can browse your location histories and explore your trips and travels. Our unique map timeline visualization shows the places you have visited and how long you have stayed there. Add photos from Flickr to your visits and share your journey with your family and friends!

Something else than the classic “pins on a map” approach.

For visits, we’ve created an entirely new type of visualization that puts time and locations on equal footing: map-timelines, a combination of maps with a timeline.


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Facebook Timeline Movie Maker

Here’s my resulting movie →

Cool concept, needs some technical/ux work though. Some quick quirks I noticed:

  • Can’t change the loading background image. It now shows a photo of a friend of mine, instead of a photo of me
  • Videos can’t be saved/embedded
  • Loading of “saved” video is slow (most likely because they’re built on the fly?)
  • Editing photos is not really fast: one. by. one.
  • One can only edit after having watched the entire video
  • No fast forwarding
  • No way to adjust an already adjusted video by going to the link (if it’s your video)

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