Run a PHP script as a service/daemon using start-stop-daemon

In a recent project I needed to permanently run a PHP CLI script; it needed to run as a service/daemon. A few Google search coupons later I got my answer: use start-stop-daemon to make it work. To not manually type in those lengthy commands it’s possible to wrap these in a handy little script, as […]

WordPress < 3.6.1 PHP Object Injection

WordPress 3.6.1 contains a PHP Object Injection Vulnerability Fix, detected by one of my former students. He also made an extensive writeup about it: Let’s recap: maybe_serialized(‘i:1;<funkycharacterhere>’) is inserted to the database. As WordPress does not see this as a serialized string (because it doesn’t end in ; or }), this will result in i:1;. […]

bramus/router Updates

It’s been 4 months since I released bramus/router, the lightweight and object oriented PHP Router I wrote. Since then a few new features worth mentioning were added. Subrouting Support It’s now possible to mount several routes onto a base route. Think of creating a /movies route on which you attach a callable which in its […]


LESS Compiler written in PHP. Usage is simple: <?php require “”; $less = new lessc; echo $less->compile(“.block { padding: 3 + 4px }”); Of course one can take files as input too (define a 2nd argument to cache on disk): <?php echo $less->compileFile(“input.less”); Also ships with an extra shell executable script plessc $ plessc input.less […]


Great to see that Google App Engine and Engine Yard now both support PHP (v5.4) on their cloud platforms too. GAE could use some more loaded extensions, but it’s a good start. Google App Engine for PHP →Google App Engine: PHP: Getting Started →Google App Engine: PHP: Detailed Documentation → Google App Engine for PHP […]

bramus/router — A lightweight and simple object oriented PHP Router

For one of the courses I teach I was in need of a PHP Router. Having explored the available routers out there I found they either were: Outdated Not object oriented(sorry Klein (which has been updated by now, but wasn’t at the time)) Rather bad at the separation of concerns(sorry Ham & Klein; a router […]

Silex Code Fiddles/Examples

For the course Webscripting2 I’m lecturing at Sint-Lieven, we’re working with Silex. Next to the slidedeck explaining Silex, all examples are freely available on GitHub (links at the bottom of this post) The collection of examples start with the very basics of Silex and introduce more routing options and services as they continue. Basic:The […]

Événement — PHP Event Dispatcher

Événement is a very simple event dispatching library for PHP. It has the same design goals as Silex and Pimple, to empower the user while staying concise and simple. Concise indeed. At the core it’s a tad above 50 lines of codes. Listening for events: $emitter->on(‘user.created’, function (User $user) use ($logger) { $logger->log(sprintf(“User ‘%s’ was […]