PHP HTTP Public-Key-Pinning Builder


HTTP Public-Key-Pinning Builder aims to make it easy to build HTTP Public-Key-Pinning headers in your PHP projects.

As so:


use \ParagonIE\HPKPBuilder\HPKPBuilder;

$hpkp = HPKPBuilder::fromFile('/path/to/source.json');
    "hashes": [
            "algo": "sha256",
            "hash": "hwGEkxDWJ2oHtKv6lsvylKvhotXAAZQR1e0nq0eb2Vw="
            "algo": "sha256",
            "hash": "0jum0Eiu4Eg6vjn3zTmyd/RobfN6e4EagFQcz6E5ZKI="
    "include-subdomains": false,
    "max-age": 5184000,
    "report-only": false,
    "report-uri": null

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