A bunch of handy Git aliases

Tim Pettersen, developer at Atlassian (BitBucket & JIRA): Git has a strong commitment to backwards compatibility: many powerful features are hidden behind options rather than exposed as default behaviour. Fortunately Git also supports aliases, so you can create your own commands that do all manner of Git magic. Here’s a selection of the more useful […]

lint-staged: Lint JS and CSS files staged by Git

Running a lint process on a whole project is slow and linting results can be irrelevant. Ultimately you want to lint only files that are staged/will be committed. This project contains a script that will run arbitary npm tasks against staged files, filtered by a spicified glob pattern. lint-staged introductory blogpost: Make Linting Great Again […]


Work quickly, safely, and without headaches. The Git interface you’ve been missing all your life has finally arrived. Really interesting Git client: the timeline is the interface. Just right click any commit an select what you want to do with it: edit the message, remove it, squash it, split it, etc. GitUp →

GitBook: Build beautiful interactive books using Git and Markdown

Write your books and courses using Markdown, GitBook will convert it to a complete static website. Installable using npm. A companion app (pictured below) to create your books – in case you want a live preview along your edits – is also available. Building the book to a PDF/eBook is also possible … strongly considering […]

psdiff – .psd previews for git

[email protected] ~/dev/myproject > $ git status ## master A mock.psd [email protected] ~/dev/myproject > $ git commit -m “Add mock.psd” psdiff: created mock.psd.png # <———- [master 1156ea5] Add mock.psd 2 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-) create mode 100644 1.psd create mode 100644 1.psd.png If you have Photoshop psd files lying around your git repository, you […]