EV-Point MyEV – Start/stop charging your electric vehicle from your smartphone

Early September “EV-Point MyEV” got released in the App Store (UPDATE mid-October: And in the Play Store). Using the 3RDS moniker – the name of my company by which I freelance – I developed this application for EV-Point, a Belgian Mobile Service Provider that builds and operates a network of public chargepoints to charge your electric vehicle at.


The MyEV App enables anyone to locate EV-PointPublic chargepoints and to see their status in realtime. Using your free MyEV account you can use the app to remotely start and stop charging your electric vehicle.

The app was built using Ionic Framework and is backed by the EV-Point API. This API integrates with the Central System which in its turn communicates with all the chargepoints (over 3G). The API and Central System for this (still ongoing) project were also developed by me. All types of chargepoints are supported, as long as they “speak” OCPP or OCPP-J.

In its current state, the app allows one to:

  • View a list of chargepoints
  • Filter the list of chargepoints
  • Get a detailed view of a chargepoint
  • Log in with your EV-Pass (OAuth)
  • View your account (login required)
  • View the last 10 charges of your EV-Pass (login required)
  • Perform an action – remoteStart/remoteStop – on a chargepoint (login required)

You can see (an early build of) the app actually perform such a remoteStart/remoteStop in this video:

Please note that action in the video was performed using a testplug, just imagine an electric vehicle being connected to the other side of that small cable.

EV-Point MyEV (App Store) →
EV-Point MyEV (Play Store) →
EV-Point →

My Master Plan : Online!

PlansAfter quite a few evenings of designing; One evening of slicing/building markup/creating stylesheets; And 2 evenings of porting the sliced up design to WordPress (first time I ever did that actually) by breaking The Loop, stripping content from Pages and tucking them in The Sidebar and spending lots of time on and around The Codex I load upon thee the 3rds.be website along with its dazzling Mascot dubbed Mister Sideburns!

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My Master Plan : Update

PlansAs you might know from the post entitled “My Master Plan” I have become a part time freelancer as of April 1, 2007. Today I have finalized the setup of my reseller account with the webhost that has been hosting bram.us for over 3 years by now, after having taken a little test drive over at dreamhost which turned out to be a waste of time (long live coupon codes … only had to pay $20 😛).

As I’m still finishing the website (clients first you know 😉) I already can give out some details …

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