Yummy v2.2

A quick mention that I’ve provided Yummy with an update to work with exports made via the new (and broken) Delicious. The update still supports old exports made.

Next to breaking stuff like the API, or leaving users with only a few of their links, no longer supporting tag autocompletion, etc. the exported list of bookmarks also broke with the new Delicious:

  • The double quotes around the tags attribute have gone fishing
  • When no tags are present, the tags attribute has been omitted from the link
  • Newlines in multiline comments no longer have HTML breaks

The first two actually broke the importer tool. This has now been fixed.

As before, Yummy’s source code can be found over at GitHub. Installation instructions are provided in the attached readme.md file.

Download Yummy! from GitHub

Currently — due to a lack of time — there are no precise plans to further expanding Yummy. Perhaps some small updates might land over time, but that’s not guaranteed.