JavaScript Kinetic Scrolling


In a recent project I implemented Kinetic Scrolling (aka Momentum Scrolling, aka Inertia Scrolling). For this I based myself upon the set of demos and articles by Ariya Hidayat.


The article series starts at basic drag-and-scrolling, and then continues to momentum scrolling, and so forth. Even though the content is over 3 years old, it is still relevant and easy to understand.

This presentation from ScrollerJS (not embedded here, due to Mixed Content Warnings) also came in handy during research.

JavaScript Kinetic Scrolling Demos →
JavaScript Kinetic Scrolling Repo (GitHub) →
JavaScript Kinetic Scrolling Part 1 →

Flickable — A Zepto Plugin to Enable Touch Gestures on Any HTML Element

Zepto is great for handling basic gesture events, but for more complex touch interactions it can be lacking. Flickable allows you to make any element touchable; useful for flicking between sections, or sliding elements around the page.

Flickable →
Flickable Thumbnail Slider Demo →

Looking for a jQuery flickable plugin? Check out jQuery.flickable. Note that the syntaxes aren’t compatible though.

Capacitive Fingerprinting

Capacitive Fingerprinting is a new sensing approach to differentiate between multiple users engaging with touch screens and other interactive surfaces. Although currently touchscreens can differentiate multiple points of contact, they are not able to differentiate who is touching the device. In Capacitive Fingerprinting we consider how the electrical properties of human bodies and their attire can be used to support user differentiation on touchscreens.

Disney Research: Capacitive Fingerprinting →

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