Apple’s Samsung Apology Statement

As court-ordered, the apology message is on the homepage, yet Apple’s pulling some JavaScript magic to keep it below the fold: var HeroResize=AC.Class({initialize:function(b){this._height=null;this._hero=$(b); AC.Object.synthesize(this);this.__boundResizeHero=this.resizeHero.bindAsEventListener(this); if(typeof window.ontouchstart===”undefined”){this.resizeHero();Event.observe(window,”resize”,this.__boundResizeHero) }},setHeight:function(b){this._height=(b

Major Samsung Galaxy TouchWiz exploit hard resets a device by just visiting a website

A phone dialer code can hard reset a Galaxy S2, S3, and a bunch of minor devices that use Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay. The idea is that the operator could enter it on the keypad manually to hard reset all of the data. However, it was discovered last month that an SMS could carry the number …