ngCordova – Cordova with the power of AngularJS


module.controller('PictureCtrl', function($scope, $cordovaCamera) {

  $scope.takePicture = function() {

      // See all the possible Camera options from the Camera docs [1]:

    }).then(function(imageData) {

      // Success! Image data is here

    }, function(err) {

      // An error occured. Show a message to the user



ngCordova is a set of AngularJS extensions on top of the Cordova API to make it easier to build, test, and deploy Cordova apps with AngularJS.

ngCordova – Simple extensions for common Cordova Plugins →

Walkable — Sample PhoneGap app

I’d like to take a moment and introduce “Walkable Restaurants” (or just “Walkable” as I like to call it), a new application that I built to demonstrate how to create PhoneGap applications using Backbone.js.

Built using PhoneGap, Twitter Bootstrap (UI), Leaflet (Maps), Backbone.js, App-UI, Underscore.js, jQuery, and iScroll.

Walkable Source (GitHub) →

Cordova client tool

The command line tool to build, deploy and manage Cordova-based applications.

Once installed — via npm — you get to do stuff like this:

cordova create ~/KewlApp
cd ~/KewlApp
cordova platform add ios
cordova platform add android
cordova plugin add
cordova build

Great to see how the Cordova Platform (formerly known as PhoneGap — which now is a distribution of Cordova) is maturing

Cordova Client Tool →

Sample Application using jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap

Here is a simple application I built using jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap. Even though the application is simple, it covers some common requirements of mobile applications: database access through JSON services, multi-level master-detail views, parameter passing between views, etc.

Sample Application using jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap →