Dutch ISP XS4ALL was ordered to block several IP addresses and domain names (presumably) linked to The Pirate Bay (full list here). In response, they blacked out their homepage.

Roughly translated from Dutch:

For the first time in history a Dutch ISP was forced to revoke access to a foreign site. The Den Haag court ordered XS4ALL to block several IP addresses and domain names.

The judge ruled that the freedom of information — a European civil right — is less important than the interests of the entertainment industry. A wrong decision. So XS4ALL will appeal.

XS4ALL has three issues with the ruling:

  • An IP block is way out of line (one of the blocked IPs only shows the word “yeah” when surfing to it).
  • “BREIN” (to keep things simple: the Dutch RIAA) can update the blacklist any time they want

  • A block won’t solve anything

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So it begins.

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Worth noting: the takedown of MegaUpload is not the result of SOPA (which is back off the shelf), as SOPA hasn’t been approved yet (and hopefully never will — which could be the case as supporters of the bill are dropping out). The takedown however is a fine example of what SOPA could do.

SOPA shelved until ‘consensus’ is found

After the Obama Administration publicly opposed against the act, SOPA has been shelved:

Though the administration did not issue a formal veto threat, the White House’s opposition signaled the end of these bills, at least in their current form.

A few hours later, Congress shelved SOPA, putting off action on the bill indefinitely.

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