SOPA shelved until ‘consensus’ is found

After the Obama Administration publicly opposed against the act, SOPA has been shelved:

Though the administration did not issue a formal veto threat, the White House’s opposition signaled the end of these bills, at least in their current form.

A few hours later, Congress shelved SOPA, putting off action on the bill indefinitely.

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SOPA already made its first victim …

The SOPA vote, which was supposed to be yesterday, has been postponed until after the winter recess. Nonetheless, it has already made its first victim: a firefox addon named DeSopa to bypass SOPA DNS Blocking has already been removed from the Firefox Addons Website.

When installed, users can click a single button to resolve a blocked domain via foreign DNS servers, bypassing all domestic DNS blockades and allowing the user to browse the site though the bare IP-address (if supported).

Most likely the plugin was removed because if SOPA comes through, the entire Firefox website (hosting the plugin) can be categorized as illegal … a fine and very sad example of what SOPA can do if approved.

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