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Would Airbnb Have Fared Better With NativeScript Instead of React Native?

Interesting blog post by TJ Vantoll, who works on NativeScript: In this article we’ll walk through Airbnb’s complaints in detail, and talk about how some of those same problems could’ve been handled in NativeScript. We’ll start with things that NativeScript … Continue reading

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React Native at Airbnb

Gabriel Peal, Android developer at Airbnb: In 2016, we took a big bet on React Native. Two years later, we’re ready to share our experience with the world and show what’s next. The result is a 5-part series of posts: … Continue reading

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Allemansrätten – Sweden on Airbnb

Allemansrätten – or the freedom to roam – is a principle protected by Swedish law that gives all people the right to be free in Swedish nature. It’s a place where you can eat berries from the ground, sleep under … Continue reading

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Easily add high-quality animation to any native app with Lottie

By the folks at AirBnB: Lottie is an iOS, Android, and React Native library that renders After Effects animations in real time, allowing apps to use animations as easily as they use static images. Lottie uses a JSON file – … Continue reading

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Inside AirBnB: New York City

Inside Airbnb is an independent, non-commercial set of tools and data that allows you to explore how Airbnb is REALLY being used in New York City. By analyzing publicly available information about Airbnb’s New York City listings, Inside Airbnb provides … Continue reading

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