MPA View Transitions are here! (2024.05.23 @ JSHeroes)

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I’m currently in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) to speak at JSHeroes. Earlier today I gave a talk on Cross-Document View Transitions for use in your Multi-Page Applications (aka: “just websites”).


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# The Talk

The talk I gave is a full-length talk of a little over 30 minutes.

In 2023 we at Google shipped Same-Document View Transitions for SPAs in Chrome 111. This year we bring you the next big thing for View Transitions: Cross-Document View Transitions for MPAs, activated by a same-origin navigation. Now you no longer need to rearchitect your app to an SPA in order to use View Transitions: clicking a link from one page to another is enough to trigger the transition.

This was a novel talk, re-using part of my talk on SPA View Transitions which I gave at CSS Day in 2023 to introduce the concept of View Transitions, augmented with a novel section on Cross-Document View Transitions which I announced at Google I/O last week.


# Slides

The slides of my talk are up on are embedded below:


# Recording/Video

The talk was recorded and is available to watch on the JSHeroes YouTube channel. The video is also embedded below:

Unfortunately the slides were not recorded properly: the right side of the slide is clipped in the recording. A pity, but nothing severe.


# Thanks!

Thanks to the organizers for having me and thanks to the attendees for being there. It was great to have a full room full of you at such a wonderful location. A pity I have to leave early on Saturday, as I would have loved to check out the surroundings. Maybe next year 😉

Me, on stage
Me, on stage. Photo by Tejas.

It was also great to meet a bunch of you again and also to to see some of you who I’ve only interacted with online before in-person for the first time.


💁‍♂️ If you are a conference or meetup organiser, don't hesitate to contact me to come speak at your event.

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