Fun with browsers: how to get an image into the current page

Christian Heilmann created a demo page where a user can add an image to the page through various ways. I gave myself the task to build an interface to make it as easy as possible for a user to add an image into the document. I wanted to support: Image upload Drag and Drop Copy […]


Simple HTML5 drag-drop zone to drop files on. import React from ‘react’; import Dropzone from ‘react-dropzone’; export default class DropzoneDemo extends React.Component { onDrop(acceptedFiles, rejectedFiles) { console.log("Accepted files: ", acceptedFiles); console.log("Rejected files: ", rejectedFiles); } render() { return ( <Dropzone accept="image/*" multiple={true} onDrop={this.onDrop}> <div>This dropzone accepts only images. Try dropping some here, or click to […]

Uploading files using AJAX directly to S3

Chris White, Laravel Developer: For most situations using S3 is a no brainer, but the majority of developers transfer their user’s uploads to S3 after they have received them on the server side. This doesn’t have to be the case, your user’s web browser can send the file directly to an S3 bucket. You don’t […]

Html5 File Upload with Progress

Html5 finally solves an age old problem of being able to upload files while also showing the upload progress. However it is fairly complicated and not for the faint of heart because you are essentially taking over the entire server side processing (when you tap into the byte stream) and that includes implementing the multipart/form-data […]

Enabling Image Upload in Staff Panel of Kayako Support Suite

When it comes to features and functionality Kayako Supportsuite is a fine product indeed. One of the things that is lacking though is the ability to upload new images to the server in order for you to insert them into a KB article for example. Took me a little while, but I found out how […]