Comparing the New Generation of Build Tools

Over at CSS-Tricks Hugh Haworth has done a nice write-up on the next generation of build tools that have been popping up.

A bunch of new developer tools have landed in the past year and they are biting at the heels of the tools that have dominated front-end development over the last few years, including webpack, Babel, Rollup, Parcel, create-react-app.

Covered are esbuild, Snowpack, Vite, and wmr.

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My first impressions of building a project with Snowpack

Jonathan Yeong tried out Snowpack and is equally excited as I am about it.

Creating A React App From Scratch Using Snowpack

Short intro video on how to use Snowpack to build a React Application:

How to build a React App with Snowpack

Straight to the point video by Ryan Lanciaux on how to use React with the aforementioned Snowpack:

Thanks Ryan, saved me some research!

Snowpack with React: An awesome way to build web applications →