Responsive Web Design

When Ethan Marcotte coined the term “responsive web design” he conjured up something special. The technologies existed already: fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries. But Ethan united these techniques under a single banner, and in so doing changed the way we think about web design.

From the foreword of Responsive Web Design, a highly recommended book. Redesigned

Early this morning, the team at the Boston Globe flipped the switch on an incredibly ambitious new web site, and the 139-year-old Award-winning American newspaper gained a proper home of its own on the web.

The website brings journalism and reporting to the web in a way that is accessible and a pleasure to use on most any device – whether that’s an old BlackBerry, an iPhone or iPad, or a desktop browser.

Better yet, they’ve managed to achieve this cross-device support with a single codebase that takes advantage of features available in the latest devices and browsers, such as touch gestures and offline browsing.

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The answer to life, the universe, web development and usability

From Jeremy Keith’s Blogpost Caveat:

If you’re looking for the more honest, truthful answer to pretty much any question on web design and usability, here it is: It depends.

Exactly what me and my colleagues tell our students: the solutions we give them are a solution, not the solution.