Implementing Web Push Notifications

Alexander Zlatkov from SessionStack on how to implement Web Push Notifications: There are three general steps to implementing a push: The UI — adding the necessary client-side logic to subscribe a user to a push. This is the JavaScript logic that your web app UI needs in order to enable the user to register himself to push […]

PngPong Image Manipulation Library

For the recent UK Elections the folks The Guardian wanted to show big images along with their push notifications. Being bandwidth-aware they wanted a solution in which they could use a template image (which could then be cached) and then draw some stuff onto it. Only problem: Service Workers don’t have access to the Canvas […]

Push Notifications for the Web

self.addEventListener(‘push’, function(event) { // Since there is no payload data with the first version // of push messages, we’ll grab some data from // an API and use it to populate a notification event.waitUntil( fetch(SOME_API_ENDPOINT).then(function(response) { if (response.status !== 200) { // Either show a message to the user explaining the error // or enter […]

Fixing the “Connect to iTunes to use Push Notifications” alert in iOS 7.0.3

Ever since updating to iOS 7.0.3, my iPhone kept telling me to “Connect to iTunes to use Push Notifications”. Connecting to iTunes did just nothing: the notice kept popping up. Additionally iMessage and FaceTime didn’t work anymore, really annoying. Above that the notice forced some apps in a loop as an app would lose and […]

Pushover — Simple mobile notifications for iOS and Android

Little app that is built only to receive notifications on your smartphone. Notifications can be sent from any (non-smartphone) app you build by doing a simple HTTP request. Also works with IFTTT curl -s \ -F “token=abc123” \ -F “user=user123” \ -F “message=hello world” \ Pushover →