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Kanye deconstructed: The human voice as the ultimate instrument

Once again a great video by the folks over at Vox — their videos are always insightful, clear, well narrated, edited nicely, etc. In this video they talk about Kanye West and usage of the human voice throughout his oeuvre: … Continue reading

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BlokDust – Visual web-based music making app

BlokDust is a web-based music making app. By joining blocks together, you can build synthesizers, put effects on your voice, remix & manipulate samples and arrange self-playing musical environments. Wow! BlokDust →BlokDust Guide →BlokDust Source (GitHub) →

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react-music — Make beats with React!

The past few days Ken Wheeler has been tweeting some sneak peeks of what he’s been up to, after having heard that Akai was discontinuing its standalone hardware MPC drum machine offering: I did what any geek that writes React … Continue reading

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Piano + Glacier =

Performance by pianist Ludovico Einaudi on the Arctic Ocean, organised by Greenpeace: Through his music, acclaimed Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi has added his voice to those of eight million people from across the world demanding protection for the … Continue reading

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McDonald’s McTrax: Play the Placemat

McTrax, The McDonald’s placemat that turns into a full music production station! By the use of conductive ink on a piece of paper you can connect your smartphone to our placemat via Bluetooth. Cool!

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Young Fathers – Dead

Yesterday I went to see alt-J together with @joggink at Vorst Nationaal. Whilst chatting up before and after the – truth be told – not that great concert (singing off key from the start, ORLY?) one of the topics, of … Continue reading

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Little Dragon – Underbart

Went to see a show of Little Dragon last week. It was awesome.

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Crossbeat – Uprising

CROSSBEAT (Ghent, Belgium) is a musical collaboration between Sherien Holail, Frederik Van Melle and Dries Merre. Their music emphasizes deep hypnotizing basslines and vivid percussion, accompanied by atmospheric synthesizers as well as analogue instruments. Quite digging this one! The EP … Continue reading

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Yaybahar is an electric-free, totally acoustic instrument designed by Gorkem Sen. The vibrations from the strings are transmitted via the coiled springs to the frame drums. These vibrations are turned into sound by the membranes which echo back and forth … Continue reading

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Aimar Molero — Music and Sound Design

Love the audio on these. Aimar Molero — Music and Sound Design → (via FFF)

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