iTunes auto-rating all played tracks …

For more than a year it’s been bugging me that iTunes “sometimes” would auto-rate played tracks. It happened on some albums, yet not all albums. Back in May 2018 I posted this video on YouTube showing the behaviour:

As you can see iTunes here automatically rates “En Masse” (track 10) from the moment it starts playing.


Back then I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, yet today I found out when this behaviour occurs: it happens when you’ve rated the album itself. For whatever reason iTunes copies over the album rating onto each track when you start playing it.

I don’t like this behaviour, as it’s unwanted: an album can be 5 stars, yet that does not mean all individual tracks on it are 5 stars.

(*) For the “Nachtlicht” album (from the second video) I’d make an exception though … it’s an exceptionally great album by Eefje de Visser and would highly recommend it to all who speak Belgian/Dutch!

So, Apple, can you fix this?

Young Fathers – In My View

From their third album “Cocoa Sugar”, an album that already made it into my “2018 – Best Of” playlist — It’s that good! Listen to it here.

🎧 Be sure to also check out their other two albums if you’re new to Young Fathers. Their first album “Dead” amazed me back in 2014.

Alex Somers & Sigur Rós – End

Alex Somers, partner of Sigur Rós’ Jónsi, has created the music for the Black Mirror episode “Hang the DJ”.

I really like the album Alex has created for this episode. Next to “Into Place” and “Out There” the track “End” (featuring Sigur Rós) really stands out:

Feels like classic Sigur Rós / Jónsi.

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The Academic – Bear Claws (Live Looper Version)

Yesterday I’ve tweeted about this one, but it’s too great to not mention here too. It’s the video clip for “Bear Claws” by “The Academic”.

For this video the band has used the lag of a Facebook Live video to their advantage. By doing so, they’ve created a loop sampler. Also note the clever use of the lighting which changes color per “section“, creating a nice visual effect too.

Era of Ease – Ketamine Kettle

This tech house mix by Era of Ease has been on repeat the past month. Very good drive. If you’re into Solomun, Âme, or Moderat you’ll like it too 😉


  1. [0:00] Dead End Thrills (Patrice Bäumel Remix) – Cubicolor
  2. [7:00] Venus (Original Mix) – Undercatt
  3. [13:00] Running (Ame Remix) – Moderat
  4. [20:00] Noctua (Original Mix) – Pete Oak, Notize
  5. [27:00] Planet Funk (Marco Resmann Remix) – Vince Watson
  6. [32:00] Woods (Original Mix) – &ME
  7. [38:00] Tosch (Original Mix) – andhim feat. Piper Davis
  8. [44:00] Eclipse (Original Mix) – Musumeci
  9. [49:00] Eating Hooks (Siriusmo Remix – Solomun Edit) – Moderat
  10. [55:00] Epikur (Original Mix) – David August

The Lotus Tree – White Bear

“The Lotus Tree” is a “Rock, Sludge, Metal, Post-Metal, Post-Rock” band from my hometown Deinze. Although I’m no big fan of metal nor screamo-stuff, I am a rather big post-rock fan (Slint!), thus making me like their sound.

Whilst listening to this one I found myself nodding along with the track, and getting drawn into it more and more over time. The screamo-level – something that can turn me off when too much – is quite OK as it’s rather distant and doesn’t dominate the track at all.

There’s an album-release planned next friday, with some tracks – such as this one – already available on SoundCloud.

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