Era of Ease – Ketamine Kettle

This tech house mix by Era of Ease has been on repeat the past month. Very good drive. If you’re into Solomun, Âme, or Moderat you’ll like it too 😉


  1. [0:00] Dead End Thrills (Patrice Bäumel Remix) – Cubicolor
  2. [7:00] Venus (Original Mix) – Undercatt
  3. [13:00] Running (Ame Remix) – Moderat
  4. [20:00] Noctua (Original Mix) – Pete Oak, Notize
  5. [27:00] Planet Funk (Marco Resmann Remix) – Vince Watson
  6. [32:00] Woods (Original Mix) – &ME
  7. [38:00] Tosch (Original Mix) – andhim feat. Piper Davis
  8. [44:00] Eclipse (Original Mix) – Musumeci
  9. [49:00] Eating Hooks (Siriusmo Remix – Solomun Edit) – Moderat
  10. [55:00] Epikur (Original Mix) – David August

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