Young Fathers – In My View

From their third album “Cocoa Sugar”, an album that already made it into my “2018 – Best Of” playlist — It’s that good! Listen to it here.

🎧 Be sure to also check out their other two albums if you’re new to Young Fathers. Their first album “Dead” amazed me back in 2014.

Young Fathers – Dead

Yesterday I went to see alt-J together with @joggink at Vorst Nationaal. Whilst chatting up before and after the – truth be told – not that great concert (singing off key from the start, ORLY?) one of the topics, of course, was music.

During that talk I mentioned one of the, to me, musical revelations of 2014: Young Fathers. Their album “Dead” is one of the best albums of 2014. My stats tend to agree: 2nd most played artist the past 6 months.

I must admit the albums takes a while to grow on you. Please don’t discard it after the first few tracks, but be sure to also give “War”, “Get Up”, “Dip”, “Am I Not Your Boy”, and “I’ve Arrived” a listen.