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When Path was first released a little more than a year ago I installed it, yet didn’t make use of it that much: it allowed you to post a photo, tag it with a location and tag it with some of the contacts you were with. The app was “just another app in the line of apps that do about the same”

About two days ago, a new version of Path was released. And boy must I say, this app has changed in such a way that it now stands out in the line-up of similar apps.

The basic idea still is the same, yet it has been broadened: Path has now become a personal diary (née “Smart Journal”), allowing one to post stuff beyond a photo/location.

  • Next to posting photos one can also post videos, something I am missing in lots of apps.
  • When posting a photo, one can apply a filter to it (cfr. Instagram). The filters, however, aren’t that “wow” though.
  • Above that one can now also tag music one’s listening to, check-in to a place, post a thought, etc.

Above that the implementation is A+ and the UI is slick. Very slick. In Path, all events are represented via a timeline (cfr. Facebook’s Timeline).

  • The timeline is elegant, and fun to manipulate.
  • The little clock sliding along the timeline for example is a detail that finishes the implementation.
  • The way the main menu is implemented is refreshing and smooth: no dull bar at the bottom, but a circular menu that is animated just perfectly.

To me, personally, this app has hit the jackpot because it has shifted towards storytelling (cfr. Gowalla4, Delicious, Facebook). The neat implementation makes this app even more desirable.

Path: The smart journal that helps you share life with the ones you love. →
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