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When you first start planning a big trip, step one will likely happen at the Google search bar. Step two might be clicking onto the images of your target destination. The North Face, in a campaign with agency Leo Burnett Tailor Made, took advantage of this consumer behavior to keep its name top of mind with travelers considering an adventure sports excursion.

What they did was replace photos for famous locations on Wikipedia with their own photos, which had The North Face brand clearly visible in them. That way the brand would appear in the top of Google image search results when consumers researched any of those locations.

A plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel! Except: they bragged about it online, and thus Wikipedia moderators took action by replacing the photos, or cropping the uploaded photos so that the logos were no longer in view …

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How a Racoon became an Aardvark

“Sort of as a joke, I slipped in the ‘also known as the Brazilian aardvark’ [at the Wikipedia entry of the coati] and then forgot about it for awhile.”

When Breves made the change, he assumed that someone would catch the lack of citation and flag his edit for removal.

Over time, though, something strange happened: the nickname caught on.

Classic case of Citogenesis. Also: too bad the “Wikipedia is accurate (citation needed)” t-shirt from BustedTees (pictured below) is not available any more. Thankfully I ordered mine before it got yanked 🙂


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Somewhat related: At a certain point in time this post here on was the source confirming the fact that the cigarette lighter was invented before the match, even though I got my answer from Wikipedia + another source (don’t remember which one) myself.

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Bells are additions, strings are subtractions. There’s something reassuring about knowing that every user makes a noise, every edit has a voice in the roar. (Green circles are anonymous edits and purple circles are bots. White circles are brought to you by Registered Users Like You.)

Quit relaxing as it turns out. Uses Websockets, the aforementioned howler, d3.js, etc.

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Where citations come from

Also see South Park’s S15E13 episode where the boys get taped with statements about a History Channel show they saw, which is then used in the follow-up of that show as actual fact.

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Here on I have this post named “My lighter”. It contains a quote from a song by The Streets that says “Did you know cigarette lighters were invented before matches” along with some snippet (which I got somewhere from the internet) that confirms this. For a while my post was linked to from Wikipedia, as the confirmation that the cigarette lighter indeed was invented before the match. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯