Chrome “Go Back With Backspace” Extension

With the release of Chrome 52, the backspace button no longer navigates back when pressing it. Highly annoying, because the navigating back with the backspace button is just very, very handy (it only requires one finger/hand!). “Go Back With Backspace” is the official Google released Chrome Extension that restores this behavior (other – non-Google developed […]


A simple library for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript // single keys Mousetrap.bind(‘4’, function() { highlight(2); }); Mousetrap.bind(‘x’, function() { highlight(3); }, ‘keyup’); // combinations Mousetrap.bind(‘command+shift+k’, function(e) { highlight([6, 7, 8, 9]); return false; }); Mousetrap.bind([‘command+k’, ‘ctrl+k’], function(e) { highlight([11, 12, 13, 14]); return false; }); // gmail style sequences Mousetrap.bind(‘g i’, function() { highlight(17); […]