The Real Fake Cameras Of Toy Story 4

The Nerdwriter on what makes Toy Story 4 feel so authentic.

What Made Darth Vader Visually Iconic

Always great stuff, by The Nerdwriter:

About two years ago I started watching Star Wars with my children. Whilst watching the first movie (Episode IV) I kind of found Darth’s role quite disturbing. He was just floating there in the background, and all stuff that we associate with him wasn’t that well expressed. It’s only during Episode V that his character is presented as how I remember it.

Lord Of The Rings: How Music Elevates Story

Now this is something right up my alley. An essay about a good movie, and its wonderful soundtrack:

Like the fellowship itself the “Fellowship Theme” builds to its full formation, and then is deconstructed until it’s only a shell of its former self.

The Prestige: Hiding In Plain Sight

Really loving the stuff that Nerdwriter1 has been posting on to YouTube. This time he talks about The Prestige – a movie I thoroughly enjoyed and have rewatched several times – and its director Christopher Nolan:

The Prestige demonstrates a unique capacity of film without compromising the audience’s suspended disbelief. The complex narrative structure is totally subservient to the story Nolan wants to tell, it’s necessary to keep its twists secret until the film wants to reveal them.

This is Christopher Nolan’s great gift as a filmmaker. He’s so in tune with the dynamics of film narrative that he can construct a plot with so much forward momentum, that – even when he gives you all the clues – you remain at his mercy until the very final shot.