Display the macOS Dock in Touch Bar using Pock

Display macOS Dock in Touch Bar. It’s free and open source!

Not that I’d use it (I always use the “Expanded Control Strip” to make the Touch Bar show the “regular” keys), but I found this one quite interesting and it looks really cute.

Installation possible per brew cask:

brew cask install pock

You can opt to show all Dock icons in there, or only those of the active applications. App thumbnailing also possible. And oh, a Kit to write your own Pock plugins is in the making.

Pock →
Pock Source (GitHub) →

⚠️ If you’re running Catalina 10.15, it will ask you for a few permissions. These are explained in the Pock docs.

Mavericks Multiple Screens vs Jumping Dock


When working with Dual/Multiple Screens in OS X Mavericks and having “Displays have separate spaces” switched on, I noticed that the dock would unpredictably switch monitors from time to time. Fed up with this I spent a Google Search Coupon on the issue and guess what: it’s not a bug, it’s a(n undocumented) feature.

To move the Dock to any other monitor, move your mouse cursor to that monitor and – without clicking – pull downwards so that your cursor hitting the bottom edge. After a while the dock will appear right there. Looks like I unwillingly was performing this a few times.

It’s a handy shortcut, but if you don’t know about it it’s very confusing.