react-native-background-fetch – Periodic background tasks for React Native Apps

Background Fetch is a very simple plugin which will awaken an app in the background about every 15 minutes, providing a short period of background running-time. This plugin will execute your provided callbackFn whenever a background-fetch event occurs.

import BackgroundFetch from "react-native-background-fetch";

export default class App extends Component {
  componentDidMount() {
    // Configure it.
      minimumFetchInterval: 15,     // <-- minutes (15 is minimum allowed)
      // Android options
      forceAlarmManager: false,     // <-- Set true to bypass JobScheduler.
      stopOnTerminate: false,
      startOnBoot: true,
      requiredNetworkType: BackgroundFetch.NETWORK_TYPE_NONE, // Default
      requiresCharging: false,      // Default
      requiresDeviceIdle: false,    // Default
      requiresBatteryNotLow: false, // Default
      requiresStorageNotLow: false  // Default
    }, async (taskId) => {
      console.log("[js] Received background-fetch event: ", taskId);
      // Required: Signal completion of your task to native code
      // If you fail to do this, the OS can terminate your app
      // or assign battery-blame for consuming too much background-time
    }, (error) => {
      console.log("[js] RNBackgroundFetch failed to start");

From the source I see that on iOS it leverages the BackgroundTasks framework. Do note that the os might decide to throttle the rate the background-fetch so the define interval is only a minimum.


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