Learn PWA — A free course to learn how to build Progressive Web Apps

Learn how to build Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with this free course, authored by Maximiliano Firtman, on web.dev.

You’ll learn PWA fundamentals like the Web App Manifest, Service Workers, how to design with an app in mind, what’s different from a classic web app, how to use other tools to test and debug your PWA. After these fundamentals, you’ll learn about integration with the platform and operating system, how to enhance your PWA’s installation and usage experience, and how to offer an offline experience.

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💡 That’s not the only course you can find on web.dev … Responsive Web Design, Forms, CSS, … it’s all there!

Learn CSS! — A free course that guides you through CSS fundamentals

During Google I/O, Learn CSS! — An evergreen CSS course and reference to level up your web styling expertise — was launched. Broken down in 23 chapters, you’ll learn the fundamentals of CSS.

You’ll learn CSS fundamentals like the box model, cascade and specificity, flexbox, grid and z-index. And, along with these fundamentals, you’ll learn about functions, color types, gradients, logical properties and inheritance to make you a well-rounded front-end developer, ready to take on any user interface.

You might recognize these chapters from The CSS Podcast — one of the very few podcasts I listen to.

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