InVision LiveShare PS

With LiveShare PS you can now broadcast any Photoshop document to as many people as you want through an instant LiveShare meeting. If you make a change to your Photoshop document, they’ll instantly see your changes in the LiveShare meeting—you don’t even have to hit the save button!


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Want to do this kind of stuff on a website? Use the aforementioned TogetherJS


TogetherJS is a free, open source JavaScript library by Mozilla that adds collaboration features and tools to your website. By adding TogetherJS to your site, your users can help each other out on a website in real time!

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Yes, that looks familiar indeed as it’s the rebranded version of the aformentioned TowTruck 😉

Trello – Your entire project, in a single glance


A must have tool if you’re working together with others on projects. Works like a charm: organizes your cards (along with a description, checklists, and comments) in the (customizable) tododoingdone columns, assign people and labels to it, etc.

Above that it’s free and iOS/Android apps are available too.

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(via Small Town Heroes when I collaborated on a project with them during the previous summer)