My Master Plan : Update

PlansAs you might know from the post entitled “My Master Plan” I have become a part time freelancer as of April 1, 2007. Today I have finalized the setup of my reseller account with the webhost that has been hosting for over 3 years by now, after having taken a little test drive over at dreamhost which turned out to be a waste of time (long live coupon codes … only had to pay $20 😛).

As I’m still finishing the website (clients first you know 😉) I already can give out some details …

So, what will be the name of your company?

I’ll be freelancing under the name “Third Degree Sideburns”, but to make things easier I have shortened that to 3RDS which I’ll be using everywhere (I know there’s a d missing, but that’s part of the plan).

First thought of using some web-related name (companies like clear: left; do exist, amongst many others), yet 3RDS just kept popping up in my head. Above that I think it’s fun (and easy!) to pronounce too (just say it out loud, you’ll see/hear 😉).

Tagline of 3RDS has become “Webdevelopment nieuwe stijl

Cool, any website linked to your company?

For now, a placeholder page has been put online over at, which gives you an idea on where I’m heading to.

My friend and colleague Jared – who has his own company Bouncy – was kind enough to whip up a dazzling nice mascot dubbed “Mister Sideburns” (which will be revealed when the finished version of 3RDS launches) and to finetuning the logo based upon my rough adventure with Georgia in Photoshop

The 3RDS Logo, by Bouncy

The NOC-List

During the whole process of building 3RDS (the company, not just the website) I’ve had help from many people, thus hereby I’d like to thank them:

  • First of all Jared for all the nice things he did: logo tweaking, mascot creation, invoice template sharing (on which I based mine), general design advice, etc. One massiv [sic] thank you for you my friend, aaaaaaight!?! 😉
  • Kevin for tweaking the invoice template after finding myself lost in InDesign
  • Thomas for giving feedback on the 3RDS designs
  • Mickel for reworking the copy that’ll soon hit 3RDS
  • Koen for giving lots of advice on becoming freelancer, taxes, what to do and not to do, etc.
  • … and all the others whom I’ve forgotten right now.

What’s next?

Next up of course is the 3RDS website, which should be there by the end of the month as I’m currently _extremely_ busy with my other passion named Scouting (the next 5 upcoming weekends I won’t even be at home at all).

As Scouting and Freelancing are no match made in heaven, I have decided to diminish my participation within Scouting. From next year on I won’t be serving as main leader anymore, especially since my colleague Cédric also decided to stop due to a truckload of reasons, one of them being ‘work’. However, I’ll still be fulfilling other tasks within Scouting such as creating the Trancefusion website as I have done before (some temp page online right now…).

That’s it for now, stay tuned


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  1. I checkout 3RDS, really cool website… “Third Degree Sideburns” is a cool name too… good luck

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