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tf10.gifWoohoow, just pushed live! Trancefusion I say? Yes Trancefusion, the yearly mass-event/party (5000 visitors!) we, Scouting Deinze, organize. (now you know why I have this huge Trancefusion-sticker on the back of my car πŸ˜‰)

When I look at the site and the site from last year (which I also developed, just as the one 2 years before that) I can say it’s a huge improvement. Not only is the layout better (designed by Coy), but technically the code itself has improved a lot (and to say I hadn’t scripted ActionScript for 6 months!). Next to the ActionScript, the site hold some technical drool-inducing stuff such as flashLightBoxInjector, which I especially created for this project.

Trancefusion 10 Website

One nasty bug which appeared merely a few hours ago remained unfixable though: the implementation of Flash in Firefox and having the wmode set to transparent (making Lightbox appear ABOVE the swf) breaks the keyboard input. Really strange as this bug only appeared just today (didn’t do any update of my Flash Player). After having done a bit of research, this bug appears to be standing for over 2 years by now (try entering an @ in the examples provided)! Above that I noticed that my preloader “just breaks” with the same settings applied. Sure hope Adobe fixes the implementation of their player before pushing that H.264 update online πŸ˜›

A workaround was found by keeping the Lightbox hideFlash() method in place (which I disabled before) which automatically hides all flash elements and removing the transparent wmode: keyboard input works “just fine” again! w00t! Too bad the Flash now is hidden when a picture is viewed through Lightbox, but one can’t have it all, can he?

Enough bugsolving! Are you Trancefusion? Line-up this year is massiv [sic]: AC Oliver, Tubes, Michael Forzza, M.I.K.E, Fred Nova and – last but not least – Free vs. Koezie!

See you October 13, aaight?!

And ooh, for the tech-nerds out there: Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, Valid CSS, PHP, MySQL, SWFObject, PrototypeJS, Custom prototype Class (flashLightBoxInjector), Google Analytics, Google Maps Roadmaps, Google Earth Roadmaps, Flickr Integration (Pictures Section) and lots of XML parsing in the flash source … πŸ˜‰

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