What’s new in Chrome 97 (Features + DevTools)

Pete LePage has all the details about what’s new for developers in Chrome 97:

Chrome 97 is rolling out now! There’s a new option for sending real-time messages between the client and server using Web Transport. You can use feature detection to see what types of scripts a browser supports. JavaScript gets better, and there’s plenty more.

WebTransport looks like a very handy addition if you’re bouncing data to and from the server:

It can be used like WebSockets but with support for multiple streams, unidirectional streams, out-of-order delivery, and reliable as well as unreliable transport.

HTMLScriptElement.supports() is something the aforementioned es-module-shims could have benefited from to detect support for Import Maps. As that library targets older browsers — that don’t support HTMLScriptElement.supports() — they can’t, though.

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To learn what’s new in DevTools, let Jecelyn Yeen enlighten you:

Great to see the Recorder panel get included as a Preview Feature, after first being included as an Experimental Feature in Chromium 89.

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